Volunteer Center

To volunteer, contact one of the participating churches for schedule, opportunities, and training.

If you are not part of one of our Partner Churches, please complete our Volunteer Application

Donation of Items

Safe Harbor guests have limited places to store items.  We always accept requests, however, healthy snack foods (lower sugar and carb) and basic need items are the best ways to participate.  Please don’t organize a donation of items without  Contacting Us with your idea. Certain non-cash donations may not be accepted.

Volunteer Opportunities

CDL/P Bus Drivers Needed! Driving at 7:30 a.m and 5:30 p.m. (Contact Mike at  (231) 929-1707 )

Volunteering at the shelter

Safe Harbor Volunteer Shift Details

Safe Harbor Volunteer Workbook

Safe Harbor Nutrition Suggestions

Safe Harbor Coordinator Workbook

Safe Harbor – Goodwill Truck Driver Requirements

Life Safety Information

Life Safety Plan Sample

Traverse City Fire Department Life Safety Procedures

Handling Blood and Body Fluids Safely

Escape Planning Tips

Life Safety Tips

Shift Descriptions

Overnight Volunteer

Information: 2 men and 2 women
Job Description: Spend the night from 9:00p – 6:00a at the church with the guests. Manage issues that might arise.

Evening Host

Volunteer Information: 4 people
Job Description: Spend the evening with the guests, playing cards or games, talking and generally making them feel welcomed.

Breakfast Host

Volunteer Information: 3 People
Job Description: Set up beverages, food and assist guest with their morning. Dispense medications. Help “sweep” rooms, so all guests are out of the shelter by 8:00am.

Dinner Host

Volunteer Information: 4 People
1. Dinner is served between 6:15pm & 7:15pm
2. You will have to arrive in time (5:30pm) to have everything set up to be ready to serve at 6:15pm in the Sunday School area
3. Please provide a main dish, vegetable, salad, bread &
dessert. Probably for between 15 – 25 people, we will know more later.
4. We ask that only 4 people come to serve the dinner, you
may want additional help in providing food.
5. We ask that no one under 18, and only accompanied 12-18 year olds come to serve dinner
6. After cleaning up, you may leave, thank you for your
help in this important ministry.

Safe Harbor Nutrition Suggestions

Meals & Snacks

You may drop off food items in the kitchen during the day or arrive at 5:30pm before the shelter opens. Please identify your food items for Safe Harbor and also put your name on your containers so they can be returned to you. Disposable containers may be used if appropriate. In 2008 – 2009 we average 18 to 40 guests per night plus servers and the evening visitor volunteers, so your food quantities can be planned accordingly. Dinner is scheduled to be served from 6:00pm – 7:30pm and those bringing meals are encouraged to stay and serve the meal as well as assist with clean up.