Volunteer Center

To volunteer, contact one of the participating churches for schedule, opportunities, and training. If you are not part of one of our Partner Churches, please complete our Volunteer Application

Donations of Specific Items

We are overwhelmed with the love of our community.  We receive donation inquiries daily, but we can only accept a few items.

What we need:

What we can not accept

  • – No Clothes, or Furniture needed,  we partner with Goodwill Store for these items.  Consider donating to this great program.
  • – No Blankets, and other items which are also hard for guests to keep.  Remember, they often carry everything in a backpack.
  • – No Food, our church volunteers manage our meals, consider The Goodwill Inn

Please Contact Us before organizing a group. We may love your idea. Certain non-cash donations may not be accepted.

Volunteer Opportunities

Serving as a volunteer for Safe Harbor is a very rewarding experience. All shifts require training and first-time volunteers are always paired with a seasoned volunteer.

Overnight Volunteer – 2 men and 2 women
8:30PM- 6:30AM Overnight hosts assist with the “winding down” of the evening and take turns monitoring the shelter overnight, making an hourly “sweep” of the shelter area and light cleaning, laundry, facility duties and taking out the trash. In the morning, volunteers prepare coffee for the breakfast. Overnight volunteers sleep in shifts. A safe, private sleeping area is provided for overnight volunteers.

Evening Volunteer – 4 people
5:30PM – 8:30PM Evening volunteers are the voices, ears, and hearts of the shelter. Volunteer assist staff with the operation of the shelter, share dinner with guests, and often enjoy playing cards and games, listening to guests and providing companionship (see checklist).

Breakfast Volunteer – 2 people
6:00AM – 8:30AM The breakfast crew manages the continental breakfast. Duties include setting up, monitoring, and putting away breakfast foods, washing and putting away dishes, and cleaning up kitchen and dining tables.

Cleaning Volunteer – 2 people
6:30AM – 8:30AM Volunteers manage medications, ensure guests are up and ready for departure by 7:45AM and clean the facility. Please be sure to complete a sweep of the building to ensure all guests have departed (see cleaning checklist).

Dinner Volunteers – A group of at least 5-6 people
4:00PM – 7:30PM (Volunteers needing access to the shelter earlier may contact their church coordinator) Usually conducted by a pre-organized group of people. This shift requires that you prepare a hot meal for as many as 70 guests (typically 55). Soups, Stews, and other “buffet” style meals work best. In an effort to not repeat main dish menu item, your church’s leader will coordinate meals. Your team will serve the meal, wash and put away dishes, clean and sanitize the kitchen and serving area, and take care of any leftover food. Detailed kitchen info will be provided to meal crews.

Evening Manager – One Person, 2 – 3 nights a month all season (Click to see Overview)
5:15p – 11:15p Overview: The Safe Harbor evening manager is the nightly representative of the Facility Committee. Their primary role is to ensure the safety of everyone in the building and to ensure the building is being used in a respectful way.

Volunteer Resources

Safe Harbor Volunteer Workbook Oct 2017

Handling Blood and Body Fluids Safely

Nutrition Recommendations for Meal Planning

Safe Harbor Coordinator Workbook 10-12-2017

Safe Harbor Life Safety / Emergency Plan 10-2017

Volunteer Training Schedule

Training takes place the first and third Saturday of each month.  We will be located at 517 Wellington Street, Traverse City, MI 49685

December 2  10A – NOON

December 16 10A – NOON

January 6 10A – NOON

January 20 10A – NOON

February 3 10A – NOON

Februaru 17 10A – NOON

March 3 10A – NOON

March 17 10A – NOON