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Serving as a host for Safe Harbor is a very rewarding experience. The job of “Host” to persons experiencing homelessness creating friendships, and a community within the other volunteers. All shifts come with training, and first-time volunteers are always paired with a seasoned host. Please review the following opportunities and sign up for as many as you would like!

There are two ways to become a volunteer at Safe Harbor; 1) Join us through a participating church or 2) Complete the following form (please include your complete birth date for our background check process)

Volunteer Application

If you are affiliated with one of our partner churches, contact them directly for schedule, opportunities, and training. https://www.gtsafeharbor.org/safe-harbor-church-community/ If you are not with a partner church, please complete this form and our volunteer coordinator will contact you. Because you will be working with vulnerable persons, a background check is required. Thank you!

Have you ever been convicted or pleaded guilty to a criminal offense?


Please explain any criminal record activities

Engage with guests from 5:30 - 11p with Goodwill Supervision


Spend the night from 9p - 6a, work with Goodwill Overnight Supervisor


Work with a Dinner leader to prepare and serve. 4p - 7:30p


Help with Serving and Cleaning in the morning


Manage the facility from 5:30p - 11p, manage showers and laundry, monitor building


By checking this, you agree to allow Safe Harbor of Grand Traverse, Inc to perform a background check on you.

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