Seeking Shelter?

Emergency Winter Shelter from November 2, 2019 to April 2020

Homeless Response Hotline (844) 900-0500

Safe Harbor is a low barrier shelter.  We have never had to turn away guests due to space availability.  To use our shelter, simply arrive between 6:00p and 7:00p any night during November to April.  You will be asked to complete some paperwork, then you are assigned a bed, blanket, and tote.

Our shelter provides an evening meal, cold breakfast, computers, showers and laundry facilities (first come first serve).  Any questions about the shelter should be asked at the shelter door.  As an all-volunteer operation, we do not have office hours.

Hours:  Doors are open from 6:00p – 7:00p. No one may arrive or be in the area until 5:45pm nightly.

Guests must leave for the day at 8:00a

Location: 517 Wellington Street, Traverse City Michigan 49686

Questions about accessing services: (844) 900-0500

Safe Harbor Guest Expectations

The following expectations are for anyone staying as part of the overnight shelter program. The purpose of these expectations is to create a safe, comfortable environment for both guests and volunteers. Violation of expectations may result in termination of your participation in the Safe Harbor program. ALL ITEMS BEING BROUGHT INTO THE SHELTER MAY BE SUBJECT TO SEARCH.

1 Once signed in, you may leave the building only during scheduled smoke breaks. Leaving after sign in
will result in not being permitted re-entry for any reason until the next evening.

2 The shelter will open each evening at 6:00pm. Doors are locked at 7:00pm, with “Lights Out” at
11pm. The shelter will then be secured until 6:00am (special arrangements will be made for guests
working later). No Guest may be in the vicinity of the Shelter before 5:45p each day.

3 Upon entering on their first night, guests will receive ONE blanket and assigned ONE bunk and ONE
tote to keep belongings in. Totes may be searched for contraband at any time by staff.

4 SMOKING is permitted in designated area only, during supervised 10 minute smoke breaks at
6:50pm, 7:50pm, 8:50pm, 9:50pm and 10:50pm.

5 ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES are not permitted on shelter property.

6 ILLEGAL DRUGS/ SUBSTANCES are not permitted on shelter property.

7 ABSOLUTELY NO WEAPONS OF ANY KIND ARE PERMITTED! If you have one; please check it in with
a volunteer at sign-in time.

8 SAFE HARBOR IS A SAFE, RESPECTFUL ENVIRONMENT. Please refrain from abusive/profane language
and/or disruptive behavior.

9 The Safe Harbor staff and volunteers are in charge of the building. Please direct any questions to them.

10 Men and women are assigned separate sleeping areas.

11 Prior to breakfast each morning, please spray and wipe down your own mattress.

12 All items must fit into your assigned tote, with the lid able to close securely.

13 Please be prepared to leave by 8am each morning, unless otherwise indicated.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Failure to adhere to guest expectations may result in a guest being exited from the shelter.