Homelessness Resource Guide


Contact: BATA/City Ride/ County Ride
Phone: 231-941-2324


Contact: Greyhound/Indian Trails
Phone: 231-946-5180


Contact: Workers on Wheels Program (WOW)
Phone: 231-995-7718  or 1-887-448-3449 ext. 218


Contact: NW Michigan Community Action Agency (NMCAA/HARA)
Phone: 231-947-3780 
Address: 3963 Three Mile Rd. Traverse City, MI 49686


Contact: Tip of the Mitt Housing (formerly See-Con)
Phone: 231-377-7155

Housing Assistance

If you need: Budgeting/Credit Repair
Contact: Traverse City Housing Commission
Phone: 231-377-7155
Address: 150 Pine St, Traverse City, MI 49684


If you need: Help managing the wait list for a Housing Choice Voucher
Contact: Northwest Michigan Community Action Agency (nmcaa)
                                        Phone: 844-900-0500                                                                                                      Website: https://www.nmcaa.net/default.asp
Address: 3963 Three Mile Road, Traverse City, MI 49686


If you need: Diversion/Housing Options
Contact: Fair Housing Center of West Michigan
Phone: 1-866-389-3247

If You Are A Runaway Youth/Teen

Contact: TCAPS Student Support Network (SSN)
Phone: 231-933-1789


Contact: Third Level Crisis Intervention
Phone: 231-922-4800
Address: 3785 Veterans Dr, Traverse City, MI 49684


Contact: Goodwill Youth Outreach
Phone: (231) 995-7721 (Voice only)

If You Are In Crisis

Contact: Third Level Crisis Intervention - for children
Phone: 231-922-4800 or 1-800-442-7315
Address: 3785 Veterans Dr, Traverse City, MI 49684


Contact: Behavioral Health Crisis, Northern Lake Community Mental Health
Phone: 833-295-0616
Address: 105 Hall Street, Traverse City, MI 49684

If You Are Elderly

Contact: Catholic Human Services Gerontological Service
Phone: 231-947-7070


Contact: Commission on Aging
Phone: 231-922-4688
Address: 520 W Front St Ste. B, Traverse City, MI 49684

If You Are A Veteran

Contact: Employment Assistance for Vets – Michigan Works
Phone: 231- 922-3700
Address: 1209 S Garfield Ave, Traverse City, MI 49686


Contact: Grand Traverse County Veteran Affairs
Phone: 231-946-5180
Address: 2650 Lafranier Rd, Traverse City, MI 49686


Contact: VA Regional Office
Phone: 1-800-827-1000


Contact: Emotional Crisis Line
Phone: 1-800-273-8255 Press 1 for Veteran

If You Are A Seasonal Farm Worker

Contact: Bureau of Workforce Programs, Michigan Works
Phone: 231-922-3700
Address: 1209 S Garfield Ave Ste. C, Traverse City, MI 49686


Contact: Michigan Migrant Project
Phone: 231-946-6660
Address: 701 S Elmwood Ave, Traverse City, MI 49684


Contact: Telamon Corporation
Phone: 231-941-5300
Address: 3301 Veterans Dr, Traverse City, MI 49684

If You Have Been Physically Or Sexually Assaulted

Contact: Emergency Dispatch
Phone: 911


Contact: Women’s Resource Center (WRC)
Phone: 231-941-1210
Address: 720 S Elmwood Ave, Traverse City, MI 49684


Contact: National Human Trafficking Hotline
Phone: 1-888-373-7888

If You Are In Need Of Drug Or Alcohol Treatment

Contact: Alcoholics Anonymous
Phone: 231-946-8823


Contact: Narcotics Anonymous
Phone: 231-941-9062


Contact: Addiction Treatment Services (ATS)
Phone: 231-922-4810
Address: (corner of 8th & Barlow) 747 E Eighth St. Traverse City, MI 49686


Contact: Alcohol and Drug Services / Catholic Human Services
Phone: 231-947-8110
Address: 1000 Hastings St, Traverse City, MI 49686


Contact: Munson Behavioral Health 
Phone: 231-935-6382 or 1-800-662-6766
Address: 1105 6th St, Traverse City, MI 49684


Contact: NMRE
Phone: 1-800-834-3393


Contact: 217 Recovery: Helping People in Early Recovery
Phone: 269-944-9559
Address: 945 E Eighth St Suite B, Traverse City, MI 49686

If You Are In Financial Need

Contact: MI Bridges
Apply online for DHHS benefits


Contact: Social Security Office
Phone: 1-866-739-4802 (Local) or 231-946-6053 TTY
Address: 1329 S Division St, Traverse City, MI 49684

If You Need Shelter

Contact: Central Housing Intake
Phone: (844) 900-0500


Contact: NMCAA (NW Michigan Community Action Agency)/HARA
Phone: 1-844-900-0500
Address: 3963 Three Mile Rd, Traverse City, MI 49686


Contact: Goodwill Inn
Phone: 231-922-4890
Address: 2943 N Keystone Rd. Traverse City, MI 49686


Contact: Oasis (Cadillac)
Phone: 231-775-7233
Address: 118 S Mitchell St. Cadillac, MI 49601


Contact: Pete’s Place/Third Level Street Outreach Services 
Phone: 231-922-4800 or 1-800-442-7315
Address: 2943 N Keystone Rd, Traverse City, MI 49686


Contact: Safe Harbor gtsafeharbor.org  (November 1 - April 30 only)
Address: 517 Wellington St. Traverse City, MI 49686


Contact: Women’s Resource Center
Phone: 231-941-1210
Address: 720 S Elmwood Ave, Traverse City, MI 49684

If You Need Outreach

Contact: Goodwill Street Outreach

John Sabatini - johns@goodwillnmi.org

Phone: 231-995-7721


Contact: Jubilee House
Phone: 231-947-2330
Address: 325 Washington St, Traverse City, MI 49684

If You Need Food(Groceries)

Contact: NW Michigan Food Coalition
Visit the Food Coalition website

If You Are Disabled

Contact: Disability Network of Northern Michigan
Phone: 231-922-0903
Address: 415 E Eighth St, Traverse City, MI 49686