Volunteer Manager Position

Volunteer Manager

Safe Harbor of Grand Traverse is in search of a part-time Volunteer Manager to assist with recruiting and training volunteers, database management, scheduling, and recognition. Candidate must have a willingness to learn about homelessness and housing-first strategies and be experienced in volunteer relations (or have several years working as a volunteer). Requirements include experience with WordPress and Google Applications, strong communications skills, and a demonstrated ability to work with people of diverse backgrounds. This individual should be able to collaborate, manage conflict, and maintain boundaries with compassion, patience and trauma-informed understanding. 2+ years of college preferred.

Position Overview

Safe Harbor of Grand Traverse, Inc. is a nonprofit human service organization which operates as a seasonal emergency shelter from November through April. With limited funding available for professional staffing, volunteers are heavily relied upon to assist with the daily functions of the shelter. To better streamline our volunteer efforts heading into the 2018-2019 season, we have budgeted funding for a part-time Volunteer Manager on staff. This person will handle responsibilities related to our 1,700+ volunteers, as well as agency partnerships through our Housing & Human Services Resource Center.

Recruit Volunteers

Along with the Safe Harbor Steering Committee (comprised of Coordinators from our participating churches and community organizations), the Volunteer Manager is responsible for making sure there is never a shortage of shelter volunteers. This individual will implement our current recruitment strategy, and work alongside us to make any needed improvements. The Volunteer Manager is the point of contact for all church and community inquiries regarding volunteer opportunities and will respond to email and telephone inquiries. Working with the Goodwill Industries Street Outreach Coordinator, this individual will also screen and interview volunteer candidates to make sure they are qualified to serve at the shelter.

Train Volunteers

The Volunteer Manager is responsible for processing all volunteer applications and notifying candidates if and when their application is approved. All approved volunteers will complete orientation or training before volunteering for the first time. Again, working with the Street Outreach Coordinator, this individual is responsible for leading the orientations and training sessions. During these sessions, the Volunteer Manager will educate our volunteers on the Safe Harbor’s history, mission, and service philosophy. In addition to training volunteers, the Volunteer Manager will work with Coordinators from each participating church or community organization to ensure that they are following Safe Harbor guidelines and protocol. We have been working toward better communication and consistency in the delivery of our services, and the Volunteer Manager will work as a direct connection — providing guidance, assistance, and oversight to the Coordinators. Database Management The Volunteer Manager is responsible for maintaining a list of all qualified volunteers. This list includes the volunteer’s contact information, hours of availability, skill-set and the particular shift(s) they want to serve in. Some of our Coordinators and volunteers are reluctant to use our automated scheduling system, and the Volunteer Manager will assist these individuals with training or by inputting their information for them.

Scheduling and Recognition

This individual will work with each week’s Coordinator to reach out to their volunteers in order to confirm the schedule, address concerns and answer questions. If a volunteer cancels or if the Coordinator cannot fill a shift, the Volunteer Manager can call in a replacement. While the volunteers are working, the Volunteer Manager may assist the Coordinator. The Volunteer Manager will meet with each Coordinator prior to their scheduled week to review expectations and responsibilities and offer assistance where needed. This individual will have a regular presence during shelter hours; at least a few times per week.

The Volunteer Manager will also implement a recognition program to honor the shelter’s volunteers. This program may involve passing out certificates or implementing a formal recognition program.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Assist the interviewing, recruitment and retention of volunteers
  • Facilitate volunteer orientation for all new volunteers
  • Guide shelter tours for new volunteers and visitors from the community
  • Assist in the development and management of the volunteer database
  • Maintain volunteer records including the input of contact information and hours served
  • Aid in volunteer programming and special event planning
  • Assist the Coordinators to create volunteer schedule and fill open shifts
  • Research new ideas for volunteer development
  • Coordinating on-going educational training for existing volunteers
  • Act as a liaison among volunteers, the Steering Committee, and professional staff
  • Schedule and promote partners in the Housing & Human Services Resource Center
  • Maintain regular communication with partners and solicit feedback for the Board
  • Assist in scheduling guests for morning appointments in the HHSRC
  • Field questions, prepare reports and look for areas of improvement
  • All other duties as assigned by the Steering Committee or Board


  • Good understanding of homelessness and housing-first strategies
  • Volunteer relations experience and/or several years’ experience as a volunteer
  • 2+ years of college (preferred)
  • Website and database management experience
  • Strong telephone interpersonal communication skills
  • Effective oral and written communication skills
  • Demonstrated ability to work with people of diverse backgrounds
  • Ability to manage conflict and maintain boundaries
  • Compassion, patience, and understanding of trauma-informed management practices

Job Type: Part-time; 10-30 hours per week (depending on the time of year and whether the shelter is operating)

Starting Wage: $15-17 per hour depending on qualifications and experience level