Pet Care

Safe Harbor is looking for pet care volunteers

Most individuals have had the pleasure of owning and/or caring for a pet at some time in their life. And occasionally individuals with pets have found themselves in need of Safe Harbor. Although the shelter will do what it can to accommodate service animals the shelter is not able to accommodate pets. Rather than ask someone who finds their self temporarily homeless to give up their pet we would like to be able to place that pet in a temporary care position with one of Safe Harbor’s volunteers. The expectation is to return the pet to the owner as soon as they no longer need the services of the shelter.
This is intended to be a temporary care program only. The pet owner will sign an acknowledgment of their continuing responsibility for the pet including vaccinations, medicines, food and other costs. The acknowledgment will also release Safe Harbor and its volunteers of any liability during this period.

The pet will be picked up at Safe Harbor by the volunteer and stay in that home until the owner leaves the shelter.

If you would like additional information please fill out the request form.  A member of the steering committee will contact you and answer any questions you may have. Thank you for your willingness to help our guests through this difficult time in their lives.

Pet Care Interest Form