Evening Manager Guidebook 11-11-2017

Hi Evening Managers,

Notes today: 11/11/2017

We have assigned a door code to you for Safe Harbor. This code will be available from 3p – 8a everyday at the SHELTER (South or Parking lot) door.  This code is valid starting today.

We had a great first week, and I thank you for your patience as we adjusted a few things.  We still have to label a few areas, but the big need to know items are labeled.  The TV and WIFI are now working properly.  We have Netflix.  THE REMOTE IS IN THE EVENING MANAGER Cabinet.

Here is the signup.com sign up list.  I understand that we had some issues, I have ironed those out.  Please do not use any other link except this one.  http://signup.com/go/BMUmkSC

The log in to the control center Chromebook is:  evenings@GTSafeHarbor.org  Pass Wellington5170  NO ONE IS TO USE THIS PC OTHER THAN YOU.  I discovered a guest using this machine this week.  There are sensitive materials on the machine that are Staff Only.The Staff WIFI password is wellington5170.  This is for you, the overnight team and no one else.  Other volunteers are asked to use the Guest WIFI.

The new dashboard is here.  Please see the instructions in the guidebook.

Attach is the Evening Manager Guidebook.  Please review it, as we have been tweaking it all week! We will also be updating all of our procedures here:  GTSafeHarbor.org/evenings

I will be sending a Doodle poll for a new training for next week.  Lot’s of changes and new things to learn.