Temporary Day Shelter

In lieu of the lack of adequate services in Traverse City for person’s experiencing homelessness, a temporary Day Shelter has been established at Safe Harbor with support of Goodwill of Northern Michigan Monday – Friday from 1p – 4p until the COVID threat has diminished. Low risk individuals are encourage to volunteer as Day Hosts, details below.

Day Shelter: Monday – Friday 1p – 4p

Location: Safe Harbor of Grand Traverse

Services: Heated seating area, restrooms, WIFI access, showers, limited laundry, limited computer usage, community resource information.

Restrictions: Guest and Volunteers will be asked to keep social distancing. Only 3 guests to each table at all times.  No alcohol or drugs on the property. Mandatory hand sanitation to be admitted.

The Goodwill Store on S Airport Rd. is asking for shelf stable snacks Noon to 6p. Safe harbor is asking that you not bring food or items to donate at the shelter.

 Volunteer to be a Day Host

New to Safe Harbor?  Join our community  Click Here for Volunteer Application

Existing Safe Harbor Volunteers? Click here to sign up to host

Questions about hosting?  volunteers@gtsafeharbor.org

Click Here to Download Day Shelter Host Performance Guide v2

Job Performance Guide for Volunteer Day Shelter Hosts

Primary Responsibilities:
– Report to the Day Facility Manager for assignment to work the door, tent or dining area
– Tent and Dining Area hosts ensure guests are behaving appropriately.
– Door (Gate) host conducts a sign in and ensures that guests are using the hand sanitizer. They will also screen for anyone who has been COVID tested.
– Be part of creating a welcoming, caring, and safe atmosphere
– Maintain a 6 – 10 foot distance from anyone at the day shelter.
– Use gloves  and promote hand washing to other hosts and guests
– Monitor the shelter for safety.  Some things to watch for are the use of drugs or alcohol on-site.  If that occurs, encourage them to go outside and away from the building to meet their needs.
– Be a listening ear for guests; your warm eye contact can compensate for the safe distance we are required to maintain. The guests feel dignity in being listened to, and we all have something to learn from each guest
– Listening at a safe distance can mean a loss of privacy.  Invite the guest who would like to talk with you at length to step to the side with you; if their back is to the group, they will have more privacy and you will be able to keep one eye on how things are going with the other guests.
– Day Facility Manager – The shelter facilities and guest needs in this day sheltering environment and will act as your trainer and supervisor: follow their directions and turn to them with questions and concerns.
– Day Leader – Able to help with clients who may have behavioral or health issues, turn to them with questions and concerns, or if you sense an escalating situation with a guest or guests.

Door Host Role (Supplies: Face shield, Gloves, mask, Pad of paper, 10 pens, hand sanitizer, paper towels, GT Health Department Questions Sheet, walkie talkie)
– The Door host will communicate in a calm and assuring voice to the guests.
– The Door Host will explain our 6 – 10 foot distancing and to only 3 to a table policy.  They will ensure that the guests stay 6’ while waiting to enter the shelter.
– The Door host will ask the guest the GT Health Department questions (on laminated sheet that is provided).
– If the guest answers “NO” to all questions, the Door host will record the guest’s name on a yellow pad (please wear gloves and use the hand sanitizer to clean the pen or pencil) and they are admitted.
– If a guest answers “YES” to any of the questions, or has a cough, the Goodwill Staff should be contacted via walkie talkie.  The guest will be escorted to the Chapel for a telemedicine call. Sign the guest in, but add “Sent to Chapel”. 
– ALL Guests are required to use hand sanitizer before entering.
– Continue maintaining 6 feet of distance while sharing conversation and information.
– Encourage guests to comply with Health Department guidance: Hand out the “COVID-19 Safety Tips” handout

Tent and Dining Area Host Role (Must Wear Gloves)
– Perform the “Primary Responsibilities”
– Hand out the “COVID-19 Safety Tips” handout

Ethical Standards:
Every guest has the right to safety, healthy food, and sanitary conditions.
Every guest has the right to privacy and confidentiality.
Guests should not be judged for their situation.
Guests have the right to make their own choices, and are required to accept the consequences.
Our warmth and kindness help them feel safe, lessen alienation, and build trust – whether they are able to return our kindness or be easy for us to like.
Boundaries in Our Relationships with Guests
As Volunteer Hosts we work to treat all guests with respect and dignity inside and outside the shelter.
Avoid any relationship with a guest that may be viewed as unprofessional
Refrain from business, sexual, financial, or personal relationships with guests.
Do not provide rides for guests, or give or accept favors.

Tips on Respect, Professionalism, and Listening
DO welcome guests as they enter the shelter, with a smile and warm eye contact.

DO offer your first name as you greet them, and they may give you theirs to remember.
DO show tolerance for differences and be aware of your own biases so you can appreciate every guest.
DO be consistent in carrying out these procedures and policies; consistency lowers tension.
DO respect personal boundaries
DO provide all the help you can within your assignment; direct or accompany the guest to the Day Facility Manager if there are other requests.
DO listen with an open mind; stay away from judgments or opinions.
DO provide nonverbal cues as you are listening; maintain comfortable eye contact,
“mm-hmm,” ask for help to understand if we do not understand.
DO share any concerns with Safe Harbor Day Facility Manager or Day Leader
DON’T challenge or reprimand guests.  Take any concerns to the Day Facility Manager or Day Leader
DON’T share any information about a guest with other guests. Respect their privacy!
DON’T take guest behaviors personally or be offended by them if they are negative.
DON’T be overly casual or tease or try to amuse.
DON’T get distracted; the place can be busy and noisy, and to be listened to is precious.