Safe Harbor - 517 Wellington Street - Traverse City Michigan

517 Wellington Street: The future of Emergency Shelter

December, 2016

After nearly 36 months of planning and engagement with The City of Traverse City, Safe Harbor of Grand Traverse, Inc. has begun developing the building located at 517 Wellington Street and the adjacent vacant lot at 519 Franklin Street.  We are excited about the development of a permanent emergency shelter.


Winter Shelter and Resource Center

The facility will be designed for 65 guests, with an overflow capacity of 80 persons.  The facility will house beds, common area, kitchen, bathrooms with showers, laundry area and other amenities.

Additionally,  the front of the building will host a housing resource center for those experiencing homelessness on the street. Offices will be available to a variety of support partners, making it easier for people to seek housing and other assistance.

The collaboration will streamline the process in which housing can be sought.

“Our entire organization of volunteers is excited to take this next big step in order to create a safe place for people experiencing homelessness during the brutal winter months,“ says Board Chair Peter Starkel.

Traverse City is not the only  Northern Michigan community that has the need for a shelter.  Big Rapids and Ludington already have facilities.  In both of these cases, the property was made available for use as a shelter by the municipalities they serve. In this proposal, Safe Harbor’s purchase of the building and operations provides a valuable community service without financial obligation from government sources.

Donation inquiries can be directed to Christie Minervini, via our Contact Form

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